This blog is dedicated to YOU ALL.

Over the years, I have been giving my (sometimes unsolicited, I’ll admit) advice to anyone that would listen. I like to think that I have always had a natural ability to understand people. Understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling it. See things in ways maybe they haven’t considered before. Give objective insight into what often times seems like the “end of the world”.

Throughout my personal journey, I was introduced to the concept that…

“If you have a talent, if you’re able to do something naturally without having to be taught how to do it, don’t be selfish. Share it with the world.”

And so, that my friends, is what this blog is all about. Here you will find all things relationships. From romantic, to familial, to what we often times forget is the most important one of all, the relationship with the self.

At times I will offer advice that you may choose to utilize in your own relationships, or maybe you’ll think I’m full of crap and you’ll never read my posts again. Sometimes I may share my own personal stories (names omitted, of course). I will share stories of the people around me, the ones I love, and maybe even the ones I might not be so close to (insert laughing emoji here) but have learned a thing or two from.

My hope is to help you all, my readers, make sense of a difficult situation and to let you all know that someone out there is listening and someone out there has gone through all the same things you have, because you are not alone. After all, all we really want is to know that someone cares. And I can promise you, I do.

Booses, May